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What You Need To Know.

Our hire area.

 Is your postcode (where the tub is being delivered) within the area we currently hire in?
We use Google Maps to check using your postcode to KY11 4EG.
We will hire up to 30 miles drive according to the fastest route as per Google Maps.

Delivery notes: We use a vehicle with a trailer that requires roughly the length of 3-4 car parking spaces to allow lowering the ramp on the trailer plus room to offloading the hot tub. We will be on-site for 2-3 hours so you may want to talk to your neighbours in advance to give them a heads up if space is likely be limited .

NB. Please make sure the route the tub will be rolled along has been cleared of all obstacles ahead of our arrival! wheelie bins, plant pots, kids bikes, the removal of gates or fence panels etc. This is part of our terms and conditions that you agree too when you book the hot tub hire.

Hot tub access guide.

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The FAQ’s

Where can the hot tub be sited?The hot tub requires a firm, flat and relatively level area at least the size of the hot tub. Patio slabs, concrete, mono-blocks etc. are perfect but grassed areas are not really suitable because it will become very muddy around the tub. Decks are fine providing they will take the heavy load of a tub full of water and people. If you do want the tub on a grassed area we recommend you put down a couple of 2.4m x 1.2m ply or O.S.B. boards for the tub to sit on. If you intend to site the tub inside a building, a garage for instance, bear in mind that it will become a 'wet room' we would advise against putting the hot tub indoors. Please contact us for more details on the clearance and area required for the hot tub as we have more than one model of hot tub available.
What about electricity?You will require a standard 13amp mains outlet within 10m of the tub but not closer than 1.5m for electrical safety reasons. We will provide an R.C.D. protected interface with the hot tub. The use of extensions should be avoided we do carry extending cables if required.
What about the water? You will require an outdoor tap or water source within reach of a normal hose and a drain or soak-away area within about 6m of the tub for the dispersal of the water at the end of the hire or for water changes.
How do i keep the water safe and sanitary?Every hot tub comes with all the necessary chemicals and a water filter to help maintain the water chemistry and instruct you on how to correctly maintain the hot tub water. It is essential that you use these chemicals to reduce the risk of infection or growth of bacteria.
What access is required to get the hot tub to the site?Delivery/Collection the rigid hot tubs are rolled on their side so access for a rigid tub will need a gate or opening at least 29" (74cm) in width for the Barcelona and Quatrospa hot tubs (with exception to the Antigua as it is a deeper hot tub 36" (91cm) and a head clearance of at least 80" (202cm). If there are any steps or tight corners to negotiate (we are unable to take the hot tub over walls or fences) please discuss it with us prior to making a deposit payment. For more information on the hot tub dimensions and specifications please visit our pricing page.
What is the £100 security bond for?We require a £100 security bond in the form of either a cash or your credit card details held for the duration of the hire in order to encourage the hirer and guests to take good care of our equipment. This will be returned at the collection assuming the equipment is in the same condition as it was when we delivered it to you.
What should I do at the end of the hire?The hot tub chemicals should be maintained at the correct levels and the water must be filled and maintained to the correct level (as shown during the spa school) the customer must not empty the water prior to collection we will empty the hot tub with a submersible pump and hose. This is so we can check the tub is still in good working order and also we do a 'super chlorination clean' before the tub is emptied so ensure all bacteria has been neutralized after the hire.
What are the reasons for the loss of part or all of my £100 security bond? **Please be aware that the cost of replacement or repair due to loss or damage may not be limited to £100** The damage or loss of any hired equipment supplied by us left in your care for the duration of the hire.

The intentional use of any foam making substances in the hot tub water for example washing up liquid, bubble bath etc. The hot tub will require additional repeated cleaning to remove the fake tan from the tub before it can be re-hired.

The wearing of fake tan in the hot tub may also incur a charge to the security bond as the fake tan washes off and becomes a soggy cardboard like substance causing restriction or even blocking the water flow potentially causing damage to the internal workings of the hot tub. In addition the tub may also require additional cleaning to remove the fake tan from the tub before it can be rehired.
The inability to fulfil the next hire or hires due to any of the above reasons.
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